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Low cost car rental in Armenia with Naniko

Due to its unique landscape, natural areas and interesting historical places, Armenia has considerable tourist potential, ideal for tours on various subjects, for eco-tourism and more. Intending to visit this beautiful country, it is important to choose the right means of movement and to provide yourself with the mobility that frees you from the need to use public transport. You can easily resolve this problem by using the car rent in Armenia, booking a service through the Naniko’s website. Low cost, provided by us will help you to travel throughout Armenia, go to Garni where you can see the castle, built in the third millennium BC, visit Echmiadzin Cathedral, which is the most important sanctuary for the Armenians. You cannot miss also the opportunity to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings of the mountains, enjoy and take the sunbathes on Lake Sevan, also to try the local culinary delights at unthinkable low prices. In short, via our site you can find the perfect car for your needs and take a trip of your dreams without any stress.

Discover the special offers for rent a car in Armenia by Naniko and travel in complete freedom in the easy way!

Naniko constantly striving to offer our customers an unparalleled level of service at the lowest prices, in which already included the cost of insurance and taxes, also providing a wide range of discounts. In addition you will get unlimited mileage on all our vehicles and to carry out a trip to any distance without any additional expenses.

In our fleet are offered a variety of categories of vehicles, from economy and compact cars, convertibles, SUVs, and up to luxury cars, you can find a solution that is right for you. Our range is constantly updated to offer our customers the modern cars with the best features and effective safety systems. All of this ultimately provides you with a comfortable, convenient and safe journey.

From our polite operators, you can always get the latest information on the rental issues, different packages, ranging from short and long-term rental and even to the one way rental.
Providing the highest quality and efficiency of services at any time, our staff is focused on to provide you with the proper organization of the journey and without any overlap.

Offices and rental points of our company are across the country and also abroad, in most countries of the world. We are available in all major cities, airports and train stations.

At the time of booking or directly at our offices, you can also order a range of additional services and accessories, which include GPS navigators, child seats, additional racks, snow chains, and more.

Book  the service of auto rental in Armenia by Naniko and create for yourself an unforgettable and exciting journey!

Armenia is worth a visit at any time of the year, each season here has its own peculiarities, but many travelers choose for the trip the autumn months, when the nature around is filled with multi-colored hues and pleases the eye with its extraordinary beauty. Autumn here pleasant with mild temperatures, a wide variety of fruits, which ripen one after the other. When you have a private car rented in Armenia, for you will have no difficulty to travel around the lovely open spaces of the country, stopping in small villages to get to know the customs and especially the locals.
Here, everywhere you can enjoy the beautiful nature, visiting cultural monuments and historical sites, and of course, taste the dishes of Armenian cuisine. Throughout the country there are many resorts and there is mountain-ski resorts, which are popular for tourists.

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