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Recently Astana has become the new capital of Kazakhstan, while undergoing significant changes in order to adequately meet the new role. Visiting Astana many are overwhelmed by intriguing and interesting combination of old Soviet architecture with an ultra modern design. Despite the fact that the city is still in the growth stage, there are a lot of interesting things for visitors, which worth to be explored thoroughly. Arriving at the airport of Astana you can contact the different companies offering car rental services in Astana, but to avoid the rush, queues and waiting after a long flight, would be wise to book a service in advance via the web-page of  the company of Naniko. You can use the private car fully in line with your business plans, or for relax and explore the splendid city attractions. Here you can visit interesting performances in the concert hall of Kazakhstan, enjoy exhibitions of talented artists, explore the shops and local markets such as Keruen and Khan Shatyr and buy souvenirs. Of course you cannot miss a visit of attractions such as the Baiterek Tower, the Palace of Peace and other architectural masterpieces of the city.

Find the great deals for rent a car in Astana in order to obtain the most favorable price from Naniko!

Taking advantage of convenient filters on our website to search for the car and associated options, you can easily find a specific model, and additional services, or the most advantageous for you packages.

Here you will get a choice of all categories of vehicles, ranging from budget mini, standard cars, minivans and luxury models. You can also specify such details on your preferences, as automatic or manual transmission, air condition, capacity, and more.

To start your booking  you will need to fill out the application form and specify the location and the rental period you are interested. Our rental locations are all over the city, at airports, train stations or centers of cities. Picking up all parameters and required vehicle you just have to confirm your choice.

You get from us a lot of benefits, which give the result of substantial savings to you.
Our prices are always the most competitive and proposed with already included taxes and compulsory insurance Casco.

Our Customer Service is always ready to come to your aid and is available around the clock. And in the case of unforeseen complications on the road you will get free help from our technical team.

Our team of experts is always available for you and is ready to provide any detailed information about our comprehensive services. You can also get in touch by phone, and our courteous operators will address your question to the appropriate specialist.

You will be able to take advantage of the free cancellation or change no later than 48 hours before the start of the rental period. We thus do not charge with any fines.

Delivery of the ordered vehicle may be carried out on any your address, place of residence or to the airport. Do not forget to indicate your flight information in the event if the car is required to deliver to the airport.

Now it is the most simplified methods for booking through our website with such a free application that you can use via mobile phone, iPhone or Android. Download of the links can be found via the main page of our site. With these applications can be found all the options available for the direction you want, updated prices and special offers.

Take advantage of simplified methods of finding auto rental in Astana provided on the websites of the company Naniko!

Numerous rental points across the country and in many countries around the world contribute to providing our customers with the fastest service in the right place at the right time. Wherever you go for tourism or business, you will always be provided with a range of the most modern and refined service from the experts of our company.

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