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Low cost car rental in Baku from international company of Naniko

In order to proceed your trip well and according to the planned schedule, you would be advantageous to book a car rent in Baku, a wide choice of which is proposed via the web-page of the company Naniko. Here you will be get the most competitive prices and a wide selection of vehicles, also a variety of packages, among which you choose the appropriate one to carry out your journey without any stress.

Naniko, throughout its many years of practice, always strives to offer along with unbeatable prices also a spectrum of seasonal discounts and various promotions to meet the needs of all travelers.
Vehicles of different categories offered to you in our fleet, from economy and compact cars to luxury models and you will be able to consider a variety of options to find a suitable solution. Booking an auto rent services in Baku by Naniko, you will be provided with maximum quality and efficiency at all times, your vacation or business trip will proceed without any worries.

Make a reservation and rent a car in Baku from Naniko easier to create a trip of your dreams!

Enjoy the sense of freedom of the typical road, to create the perfect comfort for yourself when moving around the city, highways or country roads would be easy if you choose the right car. Our fleet is equipped with these types of vehicles that may be suitable for any need. Here you will find practical and cost-effective mini, reliable SUVs, large vans and minibuses, elegant sedans and luxury cars.

Constantly updating our fleet, we always strive to offer the cars with the best functionality and performance of safety systems to ensure a comfortable journey.
Over the years on the international car rental market, we have won thousands of loyal customers who are satisfied with our services in many countries around the world. For frequent travelers are available our updates on the website, browsing which they often can find special offers and gifts from the company. Just select the date and direction and you can get information about its availability.

Considerable importance has the booking of your car in advance to obtain preferential prices, which initially already taken into account the cost of insurance and all taxes, and granted the unlimited mileage and free assistance in case of unforeseen traffic problems.
In general, any of our user gets comprehensive service anywhere in Azerbaijan, in the cities, airports and railway stations, which means a huge selection of vehicles, best prices, a variety of packages and the highest quality service.

Also provided the access to additional services and various accessories that are able to create even more comfort and safety for your trip, such as children’s car seats, Navigators, snow chains for better traction with the snow-covered or icy road, and many other accessories.

Start your journey with an auto rental in Baku from Naniko, to make your journey in complete safety and comfort!

If you arrive at any of the airports of Azerbaijan and you need a car delivery to the point of arrival, then you do not need to worry about it, just specify the correct data of your flight and you will be provided with your car on arrival. Delivery can also be carried out by any other address that you specify when booking or later.
If your planes have changed after completing the booking, you can always change your order or remove it without any penalties. Just bear in mind that changing the car model or the rental period may cause, respectively change the amount of services.
Due to the vast possibilities that are provided by a variety of our packages, you will be able to carry out a linear route and return the car at a different point than receiving.

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