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Budapest is famous for its cultural traditions and a very beautiful city, which attracts the attention of many tourists. Beautiful views of the Danube and old buildings give the city a special charm. Attractions such as the Castle hill and the Chain Bridge, which connects the two parts of Budapest, the Royal Palace and other places are the special attractions and places of interest of visitors. The ideal means of transportation for the majority of tourists and business people is to rent a car in Budapest Airport, which will give you the great opportunities, and all will be within walking distance of your stay. Naniko is an independent car rental company in Hungary, providing services in all places of the country, airports and railway stations. You just need to choose a preferred car at the lowest rates and the best rental conditions from us. We offer the broad selection of cars from economy cars up to luxury models.

Get the most convenient and economical packages for rent a car at Budapest Airport from Naniko!

When booking you will get the rates, in which originally included the cost of compulsory motor insurance and taxes, it is also available mileage without restrictions, as in the case of problems, get free roadside assistance.

If you require delivery of the ordered auto at the airport, it is extremely important that we will have the correct information on the flight number and arrival time. Thus, in the event of unforeseen changes, we will hold accurate information. We will be glad to arrange delivery to any point you need, even after hours.

Rental period is calculated based on 24 hours as one day of hire. The exact date of receipt and return of the car has always stipulated initially, but if during the journey you will decide to prolong the rental period, please let us know a few days prior the end of the contract. Thus, our staff will have time to book your car in the subsequent period with the preservation of your payment.

By tracking the updates on our web-site, you can often discover special offers, discounts or free add-ons in the framework of special deals. Thus, you will receive a gift, for example, one of the accessories, such as navigation, luggage baskets, ski racks and more.

The tenant’s responsibility is to provide the suitable documents, as passport and driver’s license, which must comply with the required standards, with a shelf life of at least one year. International driver’s license is required in case if the original is issued in unreadable in the country of rent language.

Regarding the age of the driver can be the limitations and in each case it is necessary to obtain information from our experts, who are always ready to provide comprehensive information on the desired subject.

Available the option of additional driver, in case if you intend to travel with fellow travelers and wish to share the pleasure of driving with the other. Additional driver must also provide his personal documents in accordance with regulations.

Get the best possible range of conditions and low prices for auto rental in Budapest Airport from Naniko!

The beautiful streets and old square of Budapest, as well as more distant attractions are very easy to visit by car. The buildings surrounding the central square are very scenic. Chain Bridge is amongst the most significant monuments of the city and is a symbol of freedom, through which was first carried out the connection between the two towns Buda and Pest, and it is this bridge played a key role in the formation of Budapest, in a way as it presented today.

Explore at your pleasure Budapest, using the services of auto rental at Budapest Airport from Naniko, in total comfort at a cheap price.

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