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Find the best deals for car rental in Hungary with Naniko

Hungary is a country where you can get great pleasure from visiting the many cultural attractions in the beautiful capital of Budapest and up to vacation on the wonderful resorts in the natural area. This country is which offers a mix of traditional Eastern European heritage and modern trends of the Western world. International company of Naniko provides services for rent a car in Hungary, including Budapest and other cities, and you will receive from us the most convenient and cost-effective service to explore in the best way the fascinating attractions of the country. At your own pace and on your own terms you can create routes in some attractive areas. There are the picturesque cruises on the Danube River, which is rich in the lush green banks filled with animals and birds, and offers a truly extraordinary spectacle.

Enjoy a great journey through the most attractive places with amenities of auto rental in Hungary from Naniko!

Naniko has as its fundamental principles of providing a very affordable  ratio for costs and quality. We firmly believe that people are coming to us, in addition to the best prices should get excellent service, hospitality of our staff and reliability. These aspects are key in our work and we always strive to support them, so that our clients can enjoy the best experience in car rental. Thus, from the reviews of our many customers we can see that using our services, they got a really fantastic travel experience.


One can list many other reasons why you should choose Naniko:

  • Our offices and representative centers are available across the country and around the world. Our network covers the cities and towns, airports and railway stations, and almost all the most famous tourist destinations of Hungary and other countries.
  • About the quality of our vehicles we take care especially. In our fleet you can find only cars of famous brands, which already guarantees high standards and technical specifications of the car. All of this means that you can always get from us a reliable car with a proven quality.• You can choose any type of car, ranging from super small fuel-efficient, reliable SUVs, spacious minivans and minibuses to the most luxurious models for business meetings or special events.
  • Low level of our prices are based on the system “all inclusive”, namely, initially you get the rates, which already comprise the mandatory insurance and local taxes. No hidden costs you do not find upon arrival.
  • We strictly adhere to the requirements of transparency, each additional service that you selected and has its price will be listed separately from the cost of rent and given at your choice.
  • Provided by us unlimited mileage will allow you to travel in complete freedom on any routes, without any additional expenses for the kilometers.We also provide delivery service of the car at your address. If you need car to the airport, you must provide us with the correct information of your flight. In case the flight is delayed, we will be able to have access to information and provide the vehicle to your arrival time.

Explore the breathtaking sceneries at discounted prices with rent a car in Hungary from Naniko!

The option of additional driver can be very interesting for those who are traveling in the company of fellow travelers and willing to share the pleasure of driving with the other. Please note that other drivers, as the principal one, must provide a valid personal documents in order to obtain the corresponding rights and responsibilities for drive of the rented vehicle.
When you have a car is very easy to explore the interior of the country, in complete comfort reach the most remote sites and to form own most interesting routes for you.

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