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Information about car rental at the international airport of Astana-TSE from Naniko

Astana, becoming the new capital of Kazakhstan,  striking for its wealth of futuristic buildings, which are a genuine demonstration of modern urbanism. Visiting such country as Kazakhstan may be difficult if you do not have a convenient means of travel. Fortunately, you have the ideal opportunity to rent a car at the airport of Astana, through practical and convenient booking engine via the  website of Naniko. By car in the proper disposal, you can easily carry out all our plans, create flexible and available routes at your discretion.

The beautiful city of Astana offers a variety of interesting landscapes and beautiful sceneries. Astana International Airport is only 15 km far from the the city and hence carried out flights to CIS and other foreign countries. The architecture of the airport is also matches the style of the new metropolis and was designed by Japanese architect. Wherever you need the services from the company of Naniko you will everywhere and always get high-class service, modern cars and always pay the lowest price.

For your exciting travel, Naniko awaiting for you, to offer the best selection of auto to rent from the airport of Astana!

Do not forget always carry the necessary documents for reception of the car, which include valid driver’s license, identity document, and also the booking voucher, which specifies the details of your order.
Summing up all the advantages of cooperation with us, we can briefly mention the following benefits:
You are provided with friendly service at any our rental point.
Here is a vast selection of vehicles of various categories.
Low rates are with included taxes and car insurance.
Online reservations can carry out only in a few simple steps.

Let’s consider more fully some of the considerations that are important to make the right choice.
• The cost of the services provided by us with full transparency, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises of hidden costs that are often happens in other companies or agencies. Our price range gives you the ability to choose what is more reasonable for you.

• We have no hidden fees. The cost of any additional services such as option of additional driver, fuel costs and other auxiliary device is always listed separately and are provided for your choice.
On the cancellation or amendment of certain changes you will not have any costs or penalties if you perform this procedure no later than two days prior to the commencement of the lease.

• It may happen that on the road will be created unforeseen breakage or other complications. In this case, you can get free help from our technical team. The service center of our company is available around the clock.

• To facilitate your trip and create more comfort, we offer the range of accessories both via web-site and in each of our point of hire. GPS Navigators will help you to navigate through an unfamiliar city and other places, and you will always arrive on time at the right place. For youngest passengers is provided a variety of car seats for children that can be selected by size, for the winter trip, you can rent a racks for transporting skis and other sports equipment, the snow chains are for ensure your safe travel on snow-covered or icy road.

Arrange your trip with excellent comfort at low price using a vehicle rental at the airport of Astana by Naniko!

Even if your trip is planned for a short time on business or you have a some days for your travel, Astana can really surprise you with its originality, freshness of ideas and novelty of the newly emerging structures. Modern monuments and architectural masterpieces that arise here, carry a message of peace and prosperity.

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