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The best car rental at the international airport Zhulyany – IEV in Kiev with Naniko

Being one of the two international airports of the capital, Zhulyany is disposed on the edge of the eponymous district in the south of the city. Prior to construction of a second airport of Borispol, Zhulyany was the main hub with the most convenient location. It is easily achievable by bus or by car, and just in 500 meters from the passenger terminal is the railway station. It should be noted that the most popular means of transportation is still a car rent from Zhulyany Airport, which you can book on arrival or wisely book in advance, using the application form on the web-site of Naniko. From us get the best services thousands of tourists and business people coming here, or which are familiar with our complete service from the previous practice in other countries, where there are also our representative offices. Do not forget that if your trip in the summer months, in this period auto rent services at Zhulyany airport especially popular and would be better to book it beforehand.

Find the cheapest and effective offer for rent a car at Kiev airport of Zhulyany offered from Naniko!

Here you can select for your trip the car from a range of vehicles of different sizes and shapes, marks and models. With the help of user-friendly filter is easy to specify the options you want for the searched car, such as an auto with petrol or diesel fuel, manual or automatic transmission, vehicles ranging from small and economical to the larger with a capacity of 7 to 9 seats. There is a category of small, which is equipped with air conditioning and much more.

If you planned a family trip or a trip with friends or colleagues, we can provide you with our comfortable minivans and minibuses with up to 15 people capacity.

Prices provided to you on our website or in the offices of the company, always contain all local taxes and car insurance cost, you are granted of unlimited mileage which allows without any additional cost to implement any planned routes, and in case of unforeseen problems on the road, you get free help from our technical group.

Delivery of the machine can be carried out at the airport or any where you want it. It is important to specify the correct data of your flight in order that our representative will have an access to timely information about flight arrival or delay.

Return the rented car can also be carried out at any of our office, as well as in another city, if it is convenient for your route. By prior arrangement, you can also carry out one way rental even on international routes.

Rental period is stipulated beforehand and clearly stated in the lease agreement. But if necessary, you can extend the rental period, informing us of such intention of some days ahead.

You can browse the frequent updates, among which you can find special offers, various promotions and discounts. Under such deals you can get free accessories, favorable price and many other benefits.

Particular attention should be paid to compliance of your personal documents with the required standards in the country. So, for example, if your driver’s license issued in unreadable language in the country, be sure you need in addition to the original have this document of international standard.

Take advantage of the benefits and special offers from Naniko for auto rental at the airport of Zhulyany in Kiev!

When you have a private car at your disposal, then for you open up a lot more opportunities to discover the original places of the visited areas. One of these is a place that deserves special attention, called Babi Yar. This is tragically well-known place, where hundreds of thousands of people were killed during the war. There is a monument to all the victims of the Holocaust.

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