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Car rental in Kazakhstan, rent a car at low prices with Naniko

This country of steppes, formerly inhabited by nomadic peoples today is a developed, independent country, a visit of which promises a lot of interesting things. There are many galleries and museums showcasing art works of Kazakh, Russian and Western European masters. Among the most important elements of Kazakh culture should be noted the traditional music, which plays an important role in the daily life of the inhabitants and is the custodian of the nation’s identity.

In the availability of a comfortable car for rent in Kazakhstan you can easily cover the entire country. Reservation system provided on the websites of the company of Naniko, allows to carry out in a few simple steps to book your desired car and save at the same time a significant percentage. A variety of options and packages will help you plan your trip in the perfect way. We can offer you a long-term options, and the rent from one day or more.

Contact us without delay to choose the best option for rent a car in Kazakhstan proposed by Naniko!

All facilities created by our company allow customers to explore in the full independence of any routes and even the most remote areas. A variety of vehicles in our fleet will help you create a impromptu trip and implement a well-planned routes.
We have provided options for fuel-efficient cars, elegant sedans, SUVs or roomy and reliable minivans.

A number of advantages provided by our company will help you without doubt realize your booking with Naniko:
Booking of services can be performed only in a few simple steps.
Numerous offices across the country and abroad enable us to use our services anywhere and at any time.
We offer always modern vehicles, equipped with all amenities.
Our consultants and specialists are always focused to provide perfect service. Our office staff will assist you with professionalism and extreme courtesy.

Most competitive price with included taxes and insurance you can only get with us.
Also, you are provided with unlimited mileage on all our cars, and without any additional expenses you will be able to carry out routes on any distance.

At any time, two days before the commencement of the lease term, you can change or cancel your order without charge or additional costs. Just bear in mind that changing of the car model or the rental period may result in a corresponding change in the total amount.

The spectrum of our options give the opportunity to travel across national borders in our car and to continue traveling in another country. Sometimes there are restrictions in certain countries, so it is best to inform us beforehand about such an intention, and get detailed information.

Make your ride in comfort and safety, finding the best options for auto rental in Kazakhstan from Naniko!

An extensive range of accessories that Naniko puts at your disposal, will allow you to travel in complete relaxation. They include satellite navigation, child car seats, extra luggage and more. And if your trip falls on the winter season or you’re a fan of skiing, you can order the device for easy transport of sports equipment, ski racks, snow chains, and much more.

Also available are a variety of additional services, including an option of a second driver, if you are traveling with friends or colleagues. Thus, everyone will be able to fully relax and enjoy the sceneries.
Question of the fuel policy is always possible to resolve initially selecting a suitable option you want. You can get a car with a full tank or empty, and in each case, depending on which option you will choose, follow the instructions of the selected option.

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