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Car rental in Kiev Borispol Airport – KBP. Low cost for rent a car with Naniko

Boryspil International Airport is the busiest airport in Ukraine, where it is processed about 65% of all air movement of the country. The average passenger flow is more than 8 million people annually.
Boryspil has a very strategic location and represents one of the major hubs connecting Ukraine with the countries of Asia, Europe and America. It has about 50 national and international airlines and daily performed numerous passenger and cargo flights to more than 100 destinations around the world.
The airport has two runways and three passenger terminals at the same time having an enormous and unique technical capacity.
For those who begins their journey in Ukraine arriving here, there is an excellent opportunity to continue his trip with the convenient services of car rent from Boryspil airport in Kiev, which you can book from home, through the system of site of Naniko. Avoiding exhausting waiting of public transport and idling in queues, you simply ensure that all planned will be carried out in total comfort and safety.

Choose the best option for rent a car at the Boryspil airport of Kiev and create your preferred travel routes!

As you can see, our unique prices offered on the website or in any office Naniko initially include VAT, insurance and local taxes. There are no hidden costs, which then would increase the cost of services.

Reservations can be made either through our booking online via the website or by telephone, through the reservation service. At the end of the reservation process, no matter which method you use to carry it out, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your order, which will display all the details of the reservation.
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide with the correct email address, which is an essential element to get information and communicate with each other on the issues of rent.

In the fleet of Naniko contributed the most diverse category of vehicles, and to determine the availability of a vehicle, you need only make a request indicating the direction and period of interest. In case of unavailability of a particular model in this period, you will be offered a similar alternative.

Rental period is always negotiated initially and for one rental day is accepted a 24 hour period. If necessary, you will have the possibility to extend the rental period, of which you must inform the company within a few days in advance.

The main document is the lease agreement, which is issued on-site at our offices. Please note that the reservation voucher is not a document, replacing the lease.
To rent a car one should provide the following documents:
– Proof of identity, i.e., passport.
– Driver’s license, with a shelf life of at least one year;
– Cash or payment cards for the payment of the deposit, which will be returned in full at the end of the lease in full compliance with the contract conditions.

A variety of packages have been created to ensure that any client could choose the right conditions, most suitable to his style of travel. From the short and long-term lease and up to one way rental or the corporate and operational leasing, you’ll find here everything.

Find out more exciting details about the advantages of auto rental at the airport in Kiev from the company Naniko!

Travel is not the vocation of everyone, but if you are just among lovers of comfortable travel, the courteous and professional staff of  Naniko will do everything to make your trip truly unforgettable.
Every day we strive to offer maximum support, comfort and convenience, the most flexible and cost-effective conditions for your complete satisfaction and well-being.

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