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Kyrgyzstan is a country with wonderful and breathtaking sceneries, a place in the world with unexplored territories until this day and  not covered yet by mass tourism. Nevertheless, for a long time travelers, merchants and poets were acquainted with these lands, because here passed the Silk Road, following from China to Rome, by which carried precious stones, silver, fabrics and spices, making a courageous journey in caravans of nomads and camel from China to Osh, which is an ancient city of Kyrgyzstan. Today there are modern means of travel to reach this interesting country, and in particular the capital airport of Manas is located 35 km from Bishkek, where arrived by plane, you will continue your way on the chosen means of travel. The company Naniko, as an international service provider, will provide you with a variety of options for rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. By using our sites, you can get the lowest price and maximum comfort for travel within the country and abroad.

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Over the years we have created a convenient online platform for car rental services in markets around the world. Our clients can use our services around the world and have access to the most competitive packages and a wide range of vehicles. Maintaining collaboration with the world’s major automobile manufacturers, we provide the unique advantages of high quality and reliability.
For our customers we offer exclusive rates with included taxes and comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and free help when unforeseen problems created on the road.

After completing the booking process, we always provide a voucher confirming your order, which specifies all the details on the chosen vehicle, and more. Typically, the confirmation is sent by e-mail immediately or within a few hours after the reservation has been completed. When receiving a car in the rental point, you must provide this voucher along with other required documents.

We are proud to present a broad range of our fleet where you without difficulty can choose the car that best fits your riding style. Here are provided luxury cars and elegant sedans, sports convertibles and reliable SUVs, small and fuel-efficient cars and roomy vans and more.

If your plans have changed, then there is a simple and fast way to change or cancel your order through our system on the website, or you can simply contact our operators on this issue.

For convenience of our customers, we also offer range of additional services and assistive devices in order that your trip proceed with greater comfort. You can reserve both during booking, or directly at our offices, such accessories as children’s car seats, Navigators, winter accessories and luggage cart. More information about additional services You can receive also by contacting our operators or get it in the appropriate section of our website.

Create your easy and comfortable way by auto rental in Kyrgyzstan at the best rates from Naniko!

Although a particular rental period always stipulated originally and stated in the rental agreement, you always have the option to extend the term. To do this, you must inform us about your intention for a few days in advance, so we can reserve your car preserving your tariffs.

In the spectrum of our service packages can also be selected a one-way rental, which means that you can get a car, for example in Bishkek, then committing a linear path without the intention of returning to the starting point, you can return the car in another our point of hire. This option is also available on international routes.


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