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Lviv is a wonderful city of Ukraine, which significantly differs by its originality from other cities with characteristic architectural compositions of the Soviet era. In fact, there is a less possibility, that you can see the gray concrete apartment blocks, especially in the center of Lviv, which is a striking sample of the culture of Central Europe. Lviv can be called a city-museum. It is located in the west of Ukraine with a population of about 800 000 inhabitants. Disposed near to the Polish border, the city always was an important agricultural market, as well as a cultural center with great monuments, theaters and museums. Visitors to the city will certainly wish do not miss the chance to see the city in all its glory, and for the convenience of moving the majority selects a free way to travel by car rent in Lviv. If you reasonably decide to book the car in advance, it is possible to implement at the most preferential prices through the website of Naniko. In this case, you will get a wider range of vehicles and a chance to receive the significant discounts in case of available.

Compare the lowest prices and best conditions will not disappoint you, and you can easily rent a car in Lviv from Naniko!

With our extensive network of offices throughout Ukraine, in the cities, airports and train stations, we can provide:
the most extensive selection of vehicles, the most competitive prices, a variety of service packages and excellent service. Also, when booking online, or on-site of car reception you can choose a variety of accessories and options, such as baby car seat, GPS, additional luggage baskets, snow chains to facilitate movement in the winter and more.

The development of our company started with a small scale in a single country, but soon our successful system services gained significant momentum and we realized that our customers’ needs exceed the services only in one country, and began to develop and expand our network in other countries. To date, we have created a fundamental platform for our customers to book car rental services in a variety of countries around the world in easy and affordable way.

Today Naniko has a leading position in the international online reservation market, providing a broad range of services to our regular and new customers. Numerous employees of our company in many countries are dedicated to providing the most flexible terms to customers. We develop and implement new plans and IT projects, and we believe that every customer should benefit from cooperation with us.

Our company’s philosophy is simple and clear, and is, that we organize and satisfy the mobility needs of our customers with high quality standards and at the most affordable price. Every day, our analysts monitor the car rental prices in the market around the world and, as a result of this work, we provide competitive price with included taxes and the cost of auto insurance, unlimited mileage and free technical assistance on the road.

Save your time and money with the best deals for auto rental in Lviv by the company of Naniko!

Following the policy of our company, we constantly remain in touch with the customer during the booking process, before and after the provision of services, so that our customers could feel secure.
Our specialists are always available to you to assist in solving any problems and provide the best travel experience in a rented car.
Here you can get the required information or advice 24 hours a day. Please keep in mind that through our call center, you can get answers to your questions if you need information you cannot find it on our website. Our courteous operators and qualified specialists will give you full information with maximum professionalism.

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