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Offers of car rental in Odessa by the international company of Naniko

The ancient city of Odessa is the center of the Crimea, which is home to a large Jewish community. The town has a unique charm and it is distinguished by typical inimitable humor of its inhabitants. At present, there live more than a million inhabitants. With a strategic location on the Black Sea, Odessa was an attractive place since ancient times and was colonized by the Greeks. Already in the nineteenth century, the city began to develop rapidly and were significantly increased the number of its inhabitants. There are many interesting places in Odessa, attracting the attention of visitors. For easy travel around the city and the surrounding area is quite viable alternatives are taxi services and public transport, but for a comfortable and personalized trip is much more suitable auto for rent in Odessa, which will give more opportunities to visit all the most interesting tourist destinations and hardly accessible places. You will get an excellent chance to soak up the sun on the famous seaside resort of Odessa, in the Arcadia and Lanzheron beaches, relax in the green areas of the park Shevchenko and others. Among the main attractions of Odessa is also worth mentioning the Deribasovskaya street, Ekaterininskaya Square, and Nemo Dolphinarium.

Discover the most favorable offers for rent a car in Odessa through the convenient booking system of Naniko!

In the range of our fleet you will find the different kinds of vehicles, among which you can choose everything from small and fuel-efficient models and up to large SUVs, in short, we have the perfect car that waiting for you at the best price.
Use the handy filters to search for a particular model and select all the options that are needed for you: manual or automatic transmission, cars with petrol or diesel fuel, air condition, capacity, and more.

Take the greatest benefit from our competitive prices, which already included the cost of compulsory motor insurance and local taxes, unlimited mileage, and free assistance in case of traffic problems.

You can choose not only the car that best suits your travel style, but also a variety of packages. From a short-term rental and up to the long-term lease, or one way rental, operational or corporate leasing, which are created in order to provide each customer with a more appropriate conditions, based on its needs.

Paying particular attention to the transparency of our pricing, we never have any hidden costs that may come as an unpleasant surprise for our customers. All prices for additional services are listed in the relevant section.

The option of additional driver is available at any of our rental points, at which the second driver must also provide personal documents, as well as main one, and obtain the corresponding rights and obligations.

In the spectrum of additional services are also provided various options, and accessories for comfort and secure way, such as luggage baskets, navigator with updated maps of the area, children’s car seats, winter accessories and more.

The company of Naniko thanks you for the right choice of auto rental in Odessa and wishes you a perfect trip!

Delivery of the leased vehicle can be carried anywhere and at any time of the day. If you arrive at the airport and your flight is delayed, in any case, our representative will wait for you and will provide your car to your arrival time.

Due to the presence of numerous rental points throughout Ukraine, in neighboring countries and in most countries of the world, you can use our services in any place, city or country. It is also possible to travel on our vehicles crossing national borders, and continue your journey to another country. It should initially be noted about this intention and to you have to receive from our company the special written permission.

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