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Ukraine is a vast country with varied landscapes. Here you meet very friendly people, explore their rich tradition and unparalleled natural attractions.
Question of movement in the country you can regulate according to your tastes and preferences, as here are suggested the different means of public transport like buses, trains, taxis and shuttle vans. But if you prefer to enjoy your trip in full tranquility and independence, it is best to choose a car hire in Ukraine, the ample choice of which is offered through the reliable online reservation system of Naniko.

From us you can get the cars in all major cities of Ukraine, in airports and train stations, and at the same time you will obtain the significant savings in comparison with offers from other companies and agencies. We are constantly aware of changes in the rental market, and always strive to provide our customers with the most competitive rates and the best service packages.

Use the possibility to rent a car in Ukraine through the reliable system of Naniko and get the speed and quality of service!

In order to get the rented car you need to be in possession of  certain documents. In addition to the passport and driving license, which must have a shelf life of at least one year, you must also have available the booking voucher which contains the details of your order. It is necessary to pay attention also to the fact, that if your driver’s license issued in a language other than the Latin alphabet, make sure you also have a corresponding document of international standard.

We offer different packages, starting with a one-day rental and up to the long-term hire. There are various options for corporate clients, for companies of all sizes, as well as one-way rentals, and much more. To effectively manage the fleet of large companies offered packages of corporate and operational leasing.
The various companies may offer the lower prices for lease, but with a limits of kilometers, which is in result dramatically increases the overall cost. We initially provide the millage without restrictions and the lowest fares, which include auto insurance costs and all local taxes.

Having the experience of long-term cooperation with leading companies in the automotive sector, Naniko always has in its fleet the most modern and reliable vehicles of the different categories, sizes and technical data. Also provided the autos of small size with fuel-efficient systems, which is very easy for maneuvering in such large cities as Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and others.
You can also choose large vehicles like vans and minibuses of 7, 9 or 15 seats, with the possibility of two additional seats, suitable for family or group travel.

As in all countries, also in Ukraine there are rules and regulations for driving, about which is better to inquire in advance and carefully follow them. Some of the basic rules are as follows:
• Depending on the location, speed limits vary from 20-130km / h.
• Ti drive a car is strictly prohibited in the condition of intoxication.
• Do not use a mobile phone while driving.
• If you have a child on board the vehicle, the law requires the presence of a child seat.

Use the range of lucrative offers for auto rental in Ukraine with the lowest tariffs by Naniko!

In Ukraine, you can make a trip to the various of exclusive tourist destinations that can be selected according to the preferences of each individual tourist. Among the interesting places can be noted Chernihiv, Odessa, Yalta, Kiev, Lviv and others. With your car rented in Ukraine, you can easily go to the Carpathian Mountains, and visit the most popular resorts in the country. Here you will see a natural areas, meadows, forests and local residents, living in peace with nature and forget about the city life in the bosom of the Carpathian nature.

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