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Find solutions for corporate car rental in Budapest with Naniko

International company Naniko successfully continued to expand its business throughout the world and today is already offering the package of corporate car rent in Budapest and throughout Hungary to meet the needs of the growing number of our customers. We are proud to say that each of our office or car hire destination can demonstrate a high level of customer service for each request. A deep knowledge of the business by our experts, an extensive fleet of vehicles and the desire to always be on top, contribute to the fact that we are always able to provide a variety of vehicles at very competitive price.
Every day perfecting nuances, as a result the travelers get from us the speed, convenience and reliability. Thanks to all listed, Naniko provide you with the most effective solutions for your business.

Get off from Naniko the package of corporate auto rental in Budapest and create more convenience for your business!

This system was developed by us to meet the mobility needs of small, medium or large companies during business trips. It is put to the fore the intention in the most effective and economical way provide business travelers with the movement means for the relevant objectives.
In the offices of Naniko you always get a comprehensive data and information on the program details. The relationships are constructed in such a way that the primary is the satisfaction of customers when they need us.

We offer competitive prices on a wide spectrum of quality vehicles, always strive to offer our customers a cheap package deals, discounts and a variety of special offers and periodic actions.
Get the services you are interested in is easy via the filling of the application form on our website, making the required data and select the program of corporate auto rent in Hungary. This rapid method is just a few simple steps which will be the beginning of registration of your company and getting favorable rates for the selected package. It’s fast and easy to experience a taste of the speed and convenience of our service. Join Now!

What the advantages you will get with this:

What is more important of all, you get a special price of the contract. Contractual rates provide you with the great savings, satisfaction and security of knowing that you do not pay a higher rate, regardless of the peak seasons or during a limited vehicle availability.
These offers are beneficial for you in terms of management of financial tool of the company, because you know in advance exactly how much you need for the needs of the mobility, will be able to more effectively monitor the use of vehicles and costs.

We always differ by practical approach to business and our core values to provide optimal services are implemented at the level of each department. In an effort to keep pace with the times, we are continuously growing and developing, implementing new programs and special packages on a regular basis to ensure that we can always provide our customers with exactly what they need, despite the ever-changing times.

Our such vision gives us that many of our customers opt for a corporate rent a car in Budapest and throughout Hungary to get cutting-edge technical solutions and high quality service.

Join to the program of corporate vehicle rental in Budapest from Naniko and get the benefits today!

Individual service plans will make the rent easy for you and your employees. You take advantage of the benefits of your tariff plan at any point, at airports and locations across Hungary, for leisure or business trips.
This program is a cost-effective alternative to the private car park reducing. Learn more about all the details from our trained professionals right now!