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Best deals for long-term rent a car in Budapest from Naniko

It happens when on business issues you have to delay the trip much longer than originally was planned, your business negotiations may be delayed or management of some sector of companies requires your constant supervision. In short, whatever the circumstances prolong your trip, you will need an effective contract for the utilize of vehicles, and an alternative to a permanent extension of the lease is the lucrative contract to hire an auto in the long term in Budapest, which offered from international company of Naniko. This is an ideal package of services and practical solutions for working professionals who can focus on their work, while the qualified experts of our company will take care of their mobility.

The advantages of this type of lease is in fact that, in exchange for an unchangeable monthly fee, you get always new car in perfect technical condition, avoiding the hassle of its maintenance and many other nuances.

Find the ideal stipulations for car rental in the long term in Budapest from Naniko!

Throughout the endurance of the contract, Naniko manages all matters relating to the registration, administrative matters, insurance, property tax, as well as regulates the regular or extraordinary maintenance.

Companies and professionals who travel a lot of kilometers every day, need vehicles are always in top condition. This active use of the car gives a result of necessity of frequent repair and also have to frequently update the fleet, which is rapidly losing its value. So, for example, it is known that 5-year devaluation of the value of a new car is about 75% of its original value.

Thus, getting a lucrative contract of long-term car rental from Naniko, you avoid the risks related with the resale of used vehicle and at the end of the lease once again be able to have a new car of the suitable brand for the company’s employees and their families at acceptable and absolutely unique and advantageous conditions.

Naniko is a long-time player in the car hire market and is focused on the goal to invest in high quality, strategic proposals and service packs of fleet management, thanks to the experience obtained over many years.

From an economic point of view, rent a car in the long term allows you to save a lot more. With a monthly payment plan, you will be able to better project and control your spending.

It is also a viable and effective alternative to buying a car and its validity period can be from 12 to 60 months.

As already mentioned, within the framework of the package of services for the entire period you receive ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, roadside assistance, free replacement of worn-out tires, as well as the management of claims. In the event that the car is defective for more than 24 hours, then our company will provide you with the replacement for that time while your vehicle is undergone the repair.

You also get tax breaks, about of which you can enquire more details from our highly qualified specialists.

Select easily a desired model of auto for rent in long term in Budapest and it will be immediately available to you from Naniko!

From us is provided the wide assortment of vehicles to choose: a city car with a more economical fuel consumption system, SUVs, sedans or a spacious minibus, cars with petrol or diesel, the right color and size. All the nuances preferable for you we consider when selecting and ordering a new vehicle for your needs!