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The best options of the operating car leasing in Budapest with Naniko

An international company Naniko is a world leader in the field of long and short-term lease of vehicles and specialized in providing mobility services according to different formulas and packages, and provides operational auto leasing in Budapest with an effective fleet management.
We offer comprehensive and complete packages, ranging from global formulas for multinational groups and companies, flexible products for small and medium-sized businesses, also the required services for professionals and individuals.
Our fundamental experience, professionalism and quality of service are the hallmarks of our work. Thanks to the experience gained over several decades, the high professionalism of our employees and the quality we can provide each customer with tailor-made solutions for each individual case, also with the most effective tools for easy management of large fleets of corporations and for the mobility of staff.

Find stability in a constantly changing world with the help of the operating rent a car in Budapest from Naniko!

The huge rate of our business we do on our experience and professionalism of our teams, what allows Naniko be among the world leaders in this sector. Our extensive network of representative offices is prevalent in many countries, and our huge working-class family has more than a thousand employees.
That is why Naniko is an ideal partner for companies of all sizes that require the services of car rental in Budapest, Hungary and all over the world!
We work closely with your business to identify and effectively implement the best solutions for your fleet. We provide operational leasing with an improved lease and fleet management.
Specialized systems and sophisticated processes significantly reduce your fleet administration costs, contribute to a better management of operational and financial risks and optimize the cost of the use of vehicles.
This system allows larger cost savings for your business, because we are able to offer really low and competitive rates.

Fleet management of passenger and commercial vehicles is not an easy job, requiring specially trained staff, time and money. But with operating lease, you can delegate all the hard work to us, in which most of the headaches and risks associated with fleet management, you can avoid just in exchange for a fixed monthly fee.

It is also freed up significant amounts of money that you can invest for other business purposes. At the same time you also get significant fiscal benefits, and your payments may even be tax deductible.
At the expiration of the operating lease term, you can arrange an extension of a quotation or you can simply return the vehicle, taking into account normal wear and tear.

That’s why Naniko is the ideal partner for you in terms of operational auto leasing in Budapest!

Our fleet management options include:
• To acquire the vehicle you will be able to use our experience and high purchasing power at more competitive prices.
• Naniko will monitor and manage the entire process for you, from the tow and the repair and up to claims management.
• Available the replacement of the vehicle in case of emergency, accident, theft, breakage or for short-term rental needs.
• Also regulates the task of recycling, comprised in our comprehensive service and we will help you organize a timely and cost-effective replacement of vehicles.
• There is a 24-hour roadside assistance and our skilled technical support team will provide you with additional security and support.