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Search the best options for short-term car rental in Budapest with Naniko

International company of Naniko has many years of experience in car hire field, and offers a variety of options with or without driver, in the short or long term. With offices in various countries around the world, today we provide a car rent in short term in Budapest for any style of travel, and also throughout of entire territory of Hungary. Probity, high professionalism and maximum security are key regulations of our work. Collaborating with us, you get privacy, punctuality, friendly and well intentioned attitude of our staff, focused on providing a personalized service to every our clients. This type of lease is the simplest and most effective way to satisfy the issue of mobility for work purposes or for tourism. Naniko provides services to companies and individuals, effective solutions, among which you can choose the most appropriate option for your needs.

Get the perfect solution for your trip with the help of auto rental in short terms in Budapest from Naniko!

This type of auto hire and vans may have a duration from one day to eleven months, in which you do not require any investment or immobilization of capital for certain expenses for maintenance of car.

Why do the majority of customers choose the to hire a car in the short term in Budapest from Naniko:

We are based on the principles of transparency and provide with rates with included taxes and compulsory car insurance. Our real strength is the highest level of service with a personalized treatment.

A huge range of our multi-brand parkland is designed to meet the very specific requests of customers.

Among our fundamental principles is possible to note a high level of safety and excellent technical condition of our vehicles, which pass the technical inspection after each rental period.

With unlimited mileage on all our cars you have the free help on the roads in case of an unforeseen failure. Also provided vehicle replacement if necessary.

Each driver of the vehicle, both the main and supplementary, shall provide for the receipt of auto the valid personal documents with a shelf life no less of 12 months. Moreover, any additional driver is also indicated in the lease agreement and receives the respective rights and obligations.

It should be noted that for the rental of the car there are age restrictions, and in each case it is better to get information from our operators.

Regulation of the fuel policy is carried out on the customer’s choice, in accordance with the proposed options. In that case, if you get a car with a full tank, you must return it similar to, or pay the cost of fuel on the spot, in our office.

Get more detailed information about vehicle rental in the short term in Budapest from Naniko and create your perfect tour!

This special package of services from our company lets you use the vehicle for a short period of time and suits to all those companies, individuals, freelancers and others who need a car for a certain characteristics of temporary use.

Naniko has a diverse range of vehicles, ranging from spacious and roomy minivans, luxury cars or compact and economical autos for any occasion.

Our experts are always ready to assist you in selecting the right options and the car most closely matches your needs.

Just send us your request via the contact form or directly call us by phone.

We have no call centers, but only the direct contact with our experts, who will listen with all the attention of your needs and offer the most suitable car and the best available terms of the lease.